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            PRODUCT CENTER


            ABOUT US

          1. 桁架机械手

          2. Pinchan Automation Equipment Manufacturing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

            Founded in 2003, the head office is a specialized company integrating design and development of automation equipment, manufacturing truss manipulator, robot system integration, automated assembly line, installation and commissioning and after-sales service. In 2017, it established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Changshu, Jiangsu. And establish a new production base, Changshu company covers an area of 32 acres, construction area of 16,500 square meters, and at the same time with many domestic and foreign scientific research ......

          3. 最新动态


            I have you all the way, thanks to the long-term support of new and old customers.



            Sweep and follow us

            support hotline:

            15301666366     15801923087

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            Shanghai ICP No. 1008899   Technical Support: 祥云平台
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